Lemonaid Blood Orange 330ml x 24 (glass)

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This liquid delicacy contains plenty of blood orange juice topped up with grapefruit, orange, lemon and a hint of cherry. Could it get any better?

New soft drink – time-honoured concept: fresh, organic ingredients without any additives, Fairtrade-certified.

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Lemonaid Blood Orange, presented in a sleek 330ml glass bottle and available in a set of 24, is a citrus symphony that marries the bold flavor of blood oranges with the craftsmanship of premium refreshments. Meticulously crafted, this beverage offers a tantalizing experience that combines the rich sweetness of blood oranges with the zesty kick of citrus, creating a drink that is both refreshing and indulgent.

The glass bottle, adorned with an artful label, captures the essence of Lemonaid Blood Orange – a harmonious blend of sophistication and natural vibrancy. The 330ml size strikes a perfect balance, providing a portion that is not only satisfying but also ideal for those seeking a premium drinking experience.

Upon opening the bottle, the captivating aroma of ripe blood oranges permeates the air. The fragrance is a prelude to the bold and indulgent taste that Lemonaid Blood Orange imparts. The first sip is a burst of flavor – the luscious sweetness of blood oranges takes center stage, accompanied by the delightful zing of citrus. The effervescence adds a layer of liveliness, turning each sip into a refreshing journey for the palate.

Lemonaid Blood Orange is not just a beverage; it embodies a commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability. Crafted with organic and Fairtrade-certified ingredients, each bottle contributes to supporting responsible agricultural practices and ensuring fair compensation for farmers. This is not only a treat for your taste buds but also a conscious decision to support a brand that prioritizes the well-being of both consumers and the planet.

The set of 24 glass bottles not only ensures an ample supply for enthusiasts of the bold blood orange fusion but also underscores Lemonaid’s dedication to eco-friendly packaging. The glass bottles are not only recyclable but also contribute to minimizing single-use plastics, aligning with the brand’s vision for a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

In conclusion, Lemonaid Blood Orange in 330ml glass bottles, available in a set of 24, is a sensory delight that elevates the refreshment experience. With its exquisite blend of blood oranges, commitment to ethical sourcing, and environmentally conscious packaging, this beverage is a celebration of sophistication, consciousness, and the pure joy of sipping on a uniquely indulgent flavor. Immerse yourself in the decadent fusion of Lemonaid Blood Orange – where every sip is a celebration of natural richness and citrus perfection.




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