Classic Coca Cola Glass 200ml x 24

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Indulge in the classic and timeless refreshment of Coca-Cola with the Classic Coca-Cola in a charming 200ml glass bottle format, available in a set of 24. Crafted with the same dedication to quality that defines the Coca-Cola legacy, this smaller serving size in glass bottles offers a touch of nostalgia and elegance, making it the perfect companion for those who appreciate the finer moments in life.

The petite and iconic 200ml glass bottle, adorned with the unmistakable Coca-Cola branding, is an invitation to savor the authentic taste of Coca-Cola in a compact and sophisticated presentation. The smaller serving size is perfect for those intimate occasions when you desire the classic cola experience without the excess, adding a layer of elegance to your moments of enjoyment.

Upon cracking open a bottle of Classic Coca-Cola, the effervescent fizz is released, accompanied by the familiar and inviting aroma that has made Coca-Cola a global sensation. The first sip is a delightful journey – a symphony of carbonation, sweetness, and the unmistakable cola flavor that captures the essence of Coca-Cola. The glass bottle adds an extra layer of refinement, enhancing the drinking experience and turning each sip into a moment of pure indulgence.

Classic Coca-Cola in 200ml glass bottles is not just a beverage; it’s a celebration of nostalgia and sophistication in cola enjoyment. The set of 24 glass bottles ensures a plentiful supply for various occasions, whether you’re creating an intimate gathering, celebrating special moments, or simply savoring a classic cola on your own.

The 200ml glass bottle size not only adds a touch of elegance to the classic cola experience but also aligns with Coca-Cola’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Glass is recyclable and contributes to sustainability, ensuring that your enjoyment of Classic Coca-Cola is in harmony with the planet.

In summary, Classic Coca-Cola in 200ml glass bottles, available in a set of 24, is a refined journey that brings a nostalgic and elegant twist to the iconic cola experience. With its petite serving size, timeless flavor profile, and commitment to environmental consciousness, this set is an invitation to savor the authentic joy of Coca-Cola in moments big and small. Immerse yourself in the timeless magic of Classic Coca-Cola – where every sip is a celebration of nostalgia, sophistication, and the enduring legacy of a global beverage icon.


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