Karma Cola Sugar Free 300ml x 24 (glass)

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You want a cola that refreshes your thirst, tastes fantastic and isn’t full of sugar or any of that diet-zero-lite artificial crap that tastes as weird as it sounds. We have the answer.

We’ve used the natural sweetener stevia to take out the sugar and keep in the flavour of the organically grown & ethically sourced ingredients in our original Karma Cola recipe. Part of the proceeds from each bottle go to cola growers’ families, so every drink you buy does good.

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Karma Cola Sugar Free, elegantly presented in sophisticated 300ml glass bottles and available in a set of 24, is a guilt-free indulgence that redefines the classic cola experience. Meticulously crafted with a focus on flavor excellence, this sugar-free elixir encapsulates the essence of Karma’s unique touch, offering a beverage that is not only refreshingly effervescent but also a celebration of mindful indulgence.

The slender and refined 300ml glass bottle, adorned with dynamic branding that characterizes Karma, perfectly encapsulates the essence of Karma Cola Sugar Free – a fusion of sophistication and guilt-free pleasure. The size strikes an ideal balance, providing a satisfying serving that is both luxurious and convenient, making it an impeccable choice for those seeking a refreshing cola experience without the added sugar.

Upon uncorking a bottle of Karma Cola Sugar Free, the familiar yet distinctive cola aroma immediately entices the senses. The fragrance is a prelude to the effervescent dance of flavors that awaits within. The first sip is a revelation – a perfect balance of the classic cola taste with a sugar-free twist that invigorates the palate. The effervescence adds a layer of sophistication, turning each sip into a guilt-free journey of indulgence.

Karma Cola Sugar Free is not just a beverage; it’s a celebration of flavor innovation and conscious consumption. With each glass bottle, Karma offers a guilt-free cola experience without compromising on the refreshing taste. The set of 24 glass bottles ensures an ample supply, whether you’re savoring a moment of personal indulgence or sharing the sugar-free effervescence with friends and loved ones.

The 300ml glass bottles not only enhance the premium drinking experience but also contribute to sustainability. The glass is not only recyclable but also lends a touch of eco-friendly sophistication, aligning with Karma’s commitment to both luxurious indulgence and environmental consciousness.

In summary, Karma Cola Sugar Free in 300ml glass bottles, available in a set of 24, is a refined journey that redefines the classic cola experience. With its sugar-free formulation, commitment to positive energy, and elegant packaging, this guilt-free cola is a manifestation of Karma’s belief that every sip is an opportunity to spread joy and mindful indulgence.


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