Folkington’s Mango 250ml x 12 (glass)

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Folkington’s mango juice nectar is pressed from Magdalena River mangos harvested from groves situated along the Cauca and Magdalena rivers in western Colombia. Both river valleys are rich in biodiversity, crossing a wide variety of ecosystems before reaching the Caribbean Sea.

Tasting Notes: Thick creamy fresh mangos. The Magdalena River variety is quite peachy in taste.

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Folkington’s Mango, presented in a delightful 250ml x 12 pack of glass bottles, is a tropical oasis in a bottle, capturing the luscious and exotic essence of ripe mangoes. Crafted by Folkington’s, a brand renowned for its commitment to authentic flavors and premium ingredients, this Mango drink offers a refreshing and indulgent taste experience that transports you to sun-soaked orchards.

The key to the exceptional quality of Folkington’s Mango lies in the careful selection of the finest mangoes, celebrated for their sweet, juicy, and vibrant characteristics. Folkington’s expertly extracts the pure essence of these tropical fruits, creating a beverage that perfectly balances the natural sweetness of mangoes without the need for artificial additives or preservatives. The result is a pure and unadulterated drinking experience that reflects the true flavor of sun-ripened mangoes.

Packaged in an elegant 250ml glass bottle, each sip of Folkington’s Mango envelops the palate in the tropical bliss of perfectly ripened mangoes. The glass bottle not only enhances the visual appeal but also preserves the authentic flavors, offering a crisp and delightful drinking experience.

Folkington’s unwavering commitment to authenticity is evident throughout the production process. The mangoes are carefully sourced and pressed to extract their essence, resulting in a beverage that encapsulates the true essence of tropical indulgence. The result is a drink that not only quenches your thirst but also transports you to a faraway mango grove.

The 250ml x 12 pack is designed for both convenience and sophistication, making it perfect for various occasions. Whether enjoyed on its own as a tropical and revitalizing beverage or used as a luxurious mixer in cocktails, Folkington’s Mango in its beautifully packaged glass bottles elevates any drinking experience with its genuine fruity profile and refreshing taste.

Folkington’s Mango in the 250ml x 12 (glass) pack is more than just a drink; it’s a celebration of the exotic allure of mangoes bottled for your enjoyment. With its unwavering commitment to purity and flavor authenticity, Folkington’s invites you to savor the tropical and indulgent taste of Mango in a package that exudes refinement and quality.









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