Folkingtons Elderflower Presse 250ml x 12

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Gently sparkling elderflower pressé, made from wild elderflowers picked from across the English countryside and blended with a dash of pure Sicilian lemon juice to add a little zest.

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Folkingtons Elderflower Presse, elegantly presented in a pack of 250ml x 12, is a delightful and sophisticated beverage that encapsulates the essence of elderflowers in every effervescent sip. Crafted by Folkingtons, a brand renowned for its commitment to authentic flavors and premium ingredients, this Elderflower Presse offers a refreshing and invigorating taste experience reminiscent of blooming English gardens.

At the heart of this exquisite presse is the careful extraction of elderflowers, celebrated for their delicate floral aroma and subtle sweetness. Folkingtons expertly captures the essence of these blossoms, creating a beverage that beautifully balances the floral notes with a hint of sweetness. This presse is free from artificial additives or preservatives, ensuring a pure and unadulterated drinking experience that reflects the true character of elderflowers.

Packaged in a chic 250ml can, each sip of Folkingtons Elderflower Presse delivers a burst of effervescence that tingles the palate, capturing the essence of freshly picked elderflowers.

Folkingtons remains dedicated to authenticity throughout the production process. The elderflowers are meticulously harvested and pressed to extract their essence, resulting in a presse that embodies the true essence of the blooms. The result is a beverage that not only quenches your thirst but also transports you to a fragrant haven of blossoms and sunshine.

The 250ml x 12 pack is designed for both convenience and elegance, making it perfect for various occasions. Whether enjoyed on its own as a sparkling and refreshing beverage or used as a sophisticated mixer in cocktails, Folkingtons Elderflower Presse in its beautifully packaged cans elevates any drinking experience with its genuine floral profile and crisp taste.

With its unwavering commitment to purity and authenticity, Folkingtons invites you to savor the sparkling and invigorating taste of Elderflower Presse in a package that exudes refinement and quality.









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