Folkingtons Cranberry 250ml x 12 (glass)

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Folkington’s cranberry juice drink is made from the Stevens variety of cranberry grown on the southeastern side of the St Lawrence River, Quebec, Canada. Situated some 500km north of the main N. American cranberry growing regions, Quebec’s cooler climate creates an environment that is less dependent on the use of pesticides while also producing a fruit that is slightly sharper in taste.

Tasting notes: Cranberry taste with the typical astringency from the berry but not over-powering, with a fruity backdrop.

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Folkingtons Cranberry, elegantly presented in a 250ml x 12 pack of glass bottles, is a refined and invigorating beverage that encapsulates the rich tartness of succulent cranberries. Crafted by Folkingtons, a brand celebrated for its dedication to authentic flavors and premium ingredients, this Cranberry drink offers a vibrant and palate-pleasing taste experience, reminiscent of ripe berries freshly harvested.

The hallmark of Folkingtons Cranberry lies in the careful selection of the finest cranberries. Sourced for their robust flavor and deep red hues, these berries impart a tangy and refreshing profile to the beverage. The absence of artificial additives or preservatives ensures that the true essence of cranberries is captured, delivering a pure and unadulterated drinking experience.

Packaged in a sophisticated 250ml glass bottle, each sip of this drink evokes the essence of freshly squeezed cranberry juice. The glass not only enhances the visual appeal but also preserves the integrity of the beverage, ensuring that the natural flavors are enjoyed at their best.

Folkingtons maintains a commitment to authenticity throughout the production process. The cranberries are gently pressed to extract the juice, retaining the natural sweetness and tartness of the fruit without compromising on quality. The result is a beverage that not only refreshes the palate but also pays homage to the unique characteristics of cranberries.

The 250ml x 12 pack is designed for both convenience and sophistication. Whether relished on its own as a crisp and revitalizing drink or used as a mixer to elevate cocktails, this drink elevates any drinking experience with its genuine fruit flavor and vibrant profile.

Folkingtons Cranberry in the 250ml x 12 (glass) pack is more than just a beverage; it’s a celebration of the cranberry’s natural allure bottled in each container. With its unwavering commitment to purity and flavor authenticity, Folkingtons invites you to savor the invigorating and tangy taste of Cranberry in a package that exudes elegance and quality.









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