Pipers Anglesey Sea Salt Crisps 40g x 24

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Produced with Welsh salt from Britain’s only protected designation of origin, Pipers Anglesey Sea Salt crisps are an elevated interpretation of a British classic. The crisps are made with pure crystallised salt harvested daily from the stunning Menai Strait in Northwest Wales.

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Pipers Anglesey Sea Salt Crisps stand out as a premium and delectable snack, capturing the essence of the picturesque Anglesey island in Wales. Renowned for their commitment to quality and flavor, Pipers has crafted these crisps to deliver a truly exceptional taste experience.

The key ingredient that sets Pipers Anglesey Sea Salt Crisps apart is the sea salt sourced directly from the pristine coastal waters surrounding Anglesey. This sea salt is known for its pure and distinctive taste, providing a burst of natural flavor that enhances the overall snacking sensation. The crisps are seasoned with a careful balance of this locally harvested sea salt, creating a savory and satisfying crunch with every bite.

The attention to detail in Pipers’ production process is evident from the selection of potatoes used. Pipers Anglesey Sea Salt Crisps are made from the finest British potatoes, chosen for their ideal texture and flavor profile. These high-quality potatoes are thinly sliced and hand-cooked in small batches to ensure a consistent, crisp perfection that satisfies the most discerning palate.

The craftsmanship of Pipers extends beyond the choice of ingredients to the meticulous cooking method employed. By utilizing traditional cooking techniques, Pipers achieves a unique texture that combines a satisfying crunch with a melt-in-the-mouth quality. The result is a chip that is not only delicious but also boasts an irresistible texture that elevates the snacking experience.

Pipers Anglesey Sea Salt Crisps are a testament to the brand’s dedication to authenticity and regional flavors. The crisps not only pay homage to the rich agricultural heritage of Anglesey but also embody Pipers’ commitment to sustainability by sourcing local ingredients. With each bag, consumers can savor the natural goodness of Anglesey sea salt, making these crisps a delightful and flavorful choice for those seeking a premium snack that celebrates the best of British craftsmanship and culinary tradition.










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