Lucky Saint 30ltr KEG

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Lucky Saint

A few years ago, Lucky Saint’s Founder, Luke, had a thought: what if all the occasions on which we drink beer could come with, or without alcohol. Alcohol-free beer was nothing new, but great tasting alcohol-free beer? That would be a revelation.
After two years working with several breweries across Europe, Luke still hadn’t been able to brew a beer that he really believed in. Until...he approached a 400-year-old brewery steeped in history. To his surprise they replied within minutes. There was only one thing for it, he booked his tickets and boarded a flight to Bavaria. After months of travelling back and forth from Germany, brewing 60,000 litres of beer, Luke got a call from the Brewmaster. He had something new to show Luke, a beer that had been left unfiltered. Poured fresh from the tank, hazy and golden, Luke took a sip. That was it - the beer he had been searching for.
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