Want to know how to more about KeyKeg & PolyKeg recycling?

Well, WDS Group and KeyKeg have been running a closed-loop recycling programme for KeyKeg & PolyKeg recycling for the North of England for over 3 years. Most plastic beverage kegs in the UK are not recycled and often end up in landfill. To overcome this problem, we teamed up with OneCircle to create a circular programme which recycles the basic materials from KeyKegs & PolyKegs turning them into new, useable kegs.

What we do is collect empty KeyKegs & PolyKegs from pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants across Greater Manchester, Northern England and North Wales. KeyKegs are beer, wine and other beverage Kegs produced by OneCircle that are sustainable and designed for circularity; once empty, they can be recycled into the actual raw materials used to produce new KeyKegs & PolyKegs.

By returning all empty KeyKegs & PolyKegs through WDS Group, hospitality professionals from York to North Wales, Lancaster to Stoke, and everywhere in between, can help protect the environment. As more empty Kegs are collected, the amount of recycled material in each new KeyKeg & PolyKeg is steadily increasing, which conserves precious natural resources.

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