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Rothaus Beer German Brewery

The Rothaus Brewery is Germany's highest brewery by elevation, at 1,000 meters above sea level.

Rothaus German Beer Range

Located in one of the worlds best beer creating countries, Rothaus Beer is situated on the Northern edge of the village of Grafenhausen. Fun Fact! Rothaus Beer is a  brewery owned by the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

Rothaus Beer has already been a huge hit with the UK beer market. Whether that is for pubs and bars serving German beer or you are looking for beer delivered to your door, it has very quickly become a UK favourite. 

We are a leading supplier for Rothaus Beer UK. We can supply both you home German Beer drinkers and we also supply to all types of licensed businesses. 

Although Rothaus Beer is very quickly becoming more and more popular in bars, people still seem to be searching for Rothaus beer near me. Fear no more, we can deliver your Rothaus Beer straight to your door at the best prices. 

Our stock of this premium German beer is great. We have such a wide variety listed you will always find something to sup. 

Our Rothaus Beer Range includes. Rothaus Tannenzaepfle Pils, Rothaus Maidle Naturtrub, Rothaus Eisaepfle, Rothaus Alclfrei Pils, Rothaus Alclfrei Hefeweizenzaepfle, Rothaus Hefe Weizen Zaepfle, Rothaus Hefe Weizen, Rothaus Maerzen, Rothaus Pils and the Rothaus Mini Kegs. 

German Beer is forever getting bigger in the UK and for good reason. Their beer is strong, looks great and tastes fantastic. Rothaus Beer is one of our greatest additions to our German Beer range. Don’t miss out. 

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