Premium Minor Figures Barista Oat Milk 6 x 1 Litre Cartons


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Premium Minor Figures Barista Oat Milk 6 x 1 Litre Cartons

What do you get?

6 x 1 Litre Cartons  of Premium Minor Figures Barista Oat Milk

The perfect oat milk alternitive for both businesses and home needs. The perfect brew or meal is only a stir away with the Minor Figures Milk Alternative Range.

The Oat Milk from Minor Figures has been an absolute hit with an array of audiences who either require a milk alternative, want something vegan and gluten free friendly or want to add a wonderful addition to their meals or beverages.

This industry leading Oat Milk  has the perfect level of sweetness and produces a silky microfoam when steamed.

Not only have Minor Figures put the best quality ingredients into their products, they are also all about helping the planet.

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Minor Figures

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