Diet Coke Glass Bottles 330ml x 24 Soft Drink (Short Dated Mar-21)

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Diet Coke Glass Bottles 330ml x 24 Soft Drink

What do you get?

24 x 330ml Diet Coke Glass Bottles Soft Drink

A world class refreshing drink in its iconic Glass Bottle at a bargain price. it doesn’t get better.

Diet coke is the perfect drink to sup on at anytime of the year. Fizzy, sweet and with zero calories, Diet Coke is a drink perfect for both adults and kids as a soft drink.

Diet Coke Calories are low. This allows it to be the perfect summer drink without the calories. Best served chilled for the ultimate refreshing taste.

Please note, we want your Coca Cola order to get to you in one piece. We will put your Coke order in a box with inserts. The original Diet Coke packaging is not available.

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