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We believe in promoting ‘natural’ wines: those that are expressive of their homeland; wines made by hand with minimal chemical intervention; and where the winemaking shows maximum respect for the environment.  We believe in the importance of ‘terroir’, indigenous grapes, diversity and organic viticulture. Above all, wines of character. We champion small, independent winemakers, the hardy souls who put their love and life’s work into the bottle to deliver a unique and inspiring product.

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The wines we list reflect the peculiarities and strengths of their region – their terroir. But equally as important, a list should reflect the way we drink – with food, with friends, listening to music, watching a sunset, smelling the sea air… because drinking wine is primarily a reason for having fun.  We can provide you with extensive and highly subjective tasting notes, historical vignettes, cultural and culinary background and multifarious digressions. It’s a way to understand the wines, to evoke and stimulate as it brings you closer to the spirit of the wine itself.

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