INTUNE CBD Drinks and CBD Mixers. INTUNE make trusted CBD drinks right here in the UK. All-natural, vegan and gluten free CBD Drinks and CBD Mixers. Refreshing, light sparkling and bursting with flavour INTUNE CBD Drinks come in flavours tailored to everyone’s taste buds from Ginger, Pomegranate, Elderflower & Grapefruit. INTUNE have a drink for everyone.


Are you interested in exploring the benefits of CBD but aren’t sure where to start, INTUNE Drinks is the perfect place to start so relax and enjoy the wonders of INTUNE Drinks. Cannabidiol-infused drinks are the perfect choice for those who perhaps have reservations about the naturally earthy flavour of CBD oils or prefer not to take pills, this range makes adding CBD into your daily routine easy. We promise you won’t be disappointed.