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Beer, possibly mans best friend, maybe a close second behind dogs. We will let you decide. Either way, a cold beer from across the globe goes down a treat. 

If you have landed on our beer page you will be glad to see the huge range of world beers that we can offer you. 

From the ever so popular German Oktoberfest Beers, to home soil the best Beer Breweries in the UK we have a suitable craft beer, craft ale, German Beer, UK Brewed Beer and much more for everyone to enjoy. 

New to exploring the Craft Beer scene? Don’t worry, we will help you out. A good place to start is taking a step into the German Beer World. They are renowned for producing some of the best beers in the world. Some of the most popular beers and what we highly recommend for first time craft beer drinkers are, Augustiner Helles LagerbierHofbrau Original Helles Lager  . You could also bring it back home to the British Beer Scene. We have lots of Craft Beers and Ales from breweries in the UK, We highly recommend Seven Brothers Honeycomb Pale AleShindigger IPA

What’s better than our range of beers? The fact we deliver beer straight to your door! If you can think of what is better then getting Beer delivered straight to your doorstep well, we will be surprised. 

Whether you are a veteran Beer Drinker, a Seasonal Beer Drinker, Exploring World Beers or a simply looking for a beer gift, we have what you need. 

If you are trying to source a particular favourite beer of yours but a struggling, feel free to give us a call and we can try our bets to help you out. 

As a UK Beer Seller, we try our best to be as competitive on price. So far it looks like we are winning. Huge bonus for you Beer Lovers. 

With the world on the verge of opening back means the UK’s most loved pubs, bars and restaurants are opening back up. Our wholesale beer range provides you with the best beers at the best prices. The easiest way to buy beer online wholesale is through us here at WDS. You will be welcomed to a huge range of wholesale craft beers, commercial beers and Wholesale beer kegs and much more. 

Are you searching for beer wholesale near me or wholesale beer suppliers near me? Good news, whoever in the UK you are trying to buy your beer from, we will deliver it to you. 

We know the struggle that the hospitality sector will be faced with and that is opening up on a budget. We have the best wholesale beer prices to offer you. You can receive the cheap wholesale beer prices by either logging in or signing up for a FREE trade account. Click here to sign up.


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