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Beer Kegs UK are widely searched and not that easy to source, until now… Here at WDS, we are a leading supplier in the NorthWest for Beer Kegs UK. From all shape and sizes to the best branded beer kegs we have what you need.

We can supply your home or licensed businesses with brands like, ABK Beer Keg, BrewDog Beer Keg, Camden Hells Beer Keg, Moretti Beer Keg, Heineken Beer Keg, Leffe Beer Keg, Singha Beer Keg, Rekorderlig Beer Keg, Guiness Beer Keg, Strongbow Beer Keg, Peroni Beer Keg. 

From 5 litre Beer Kegs to 30ltr beer kegs for sale we can accommodate for both Pubs, Bars, Restaurants and even your home beer garden. 

This summer is going to be one to remember. With Pub Beer gardens opening back up, it is vital you have the best, freshest beer kegs stocked. 

Sticking to having your mates in your home beer garden/home bar? No worries we can deliver our beer keg for home nationwide, whether that is a 5L mini keg or a big 30ltr keg. A Home Beer Keg can make your gathering that much better. 
Our wholesale beer kegs come at the best prices and we deliver them to you. 
How long does beer last in a keg? With the correct storage of your home beer keg or licensed beer keg, a keg can last you a few weeks. 

We don’t only stock beer kegs here at WDS, we stock a huge range of German Beers, Special Beers, English Beers, Craft Beer, Craft Ale, Beer Gift Sets, Beer Gift sets for him and much much more. Take a look here.

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