International Friendship Day - Treat Your Friends

We all know who our friends are, don’t we?


Childhood is often the golden age of friendship, where things seem so uncomplicated and our lives so much less busy. But friendship can feel different now we’re in the digital age, where we share so much of ourselves with a wider circle of people who we’re connected with online. Sometimes it feels like we’re selling the idea of friends and friendship too cheaply. 


But fear not, because friendship still matters. International Friendship Day is on 30th July this year, and it exists purely to promote friendship and fellowship among everybody, worldwide. The United Nations designated this day International Friendship Day in 2011, but the emphasis is as much on local as global activity: people can get together however and wherever they want to celebrate this shared spirit of human solidarity.


Here at WDS, we think friendship is still vitally important, so the arrival of this day got us thinking about what our customers, and your customers in turn, might be doing to help promote International Friendship Day? We think the idea of friendship should be celebrated, so we’ve been pondering what wholesale drinks and snacks will enhance the time when you and your friends get together on Friendship Day. Because that’s what we do.


When Friends Get Together


Relationships with friends vary in intensity, but true friendship is unconditional, and stands the test of time. People can maintain friendship at a distance, but the best thing about friends is when they can get together.


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Friends may share interests, but the key thing is emotional safety. Friends feel comfortable with one another. So, for some people, friendship means trust, for others it’s companionship and unconditional love. But friendship comes in many guises; it doesn’t have to be intense to mean something – sometimes just being in each other’s company is enough, sharing time together.


Of course, there are the planned events that friends attend together, but there are also those moments of sheer spontaneity when stuff just happens. And, often, these can be the most cherished friendship moments of all. We know some of our best times with friends have been those nights that were totally unplanned, when events just unfolded and we ended up sitting up and talking for hours.


That’s why, for Friendship Day, there are no rules, no set agenda. Some may choose to arrange how they spend it; while others will simply drop around to someone’s place to share a happy time with them.


And what do we all know is the perfect accompaniment to these companionable times? Great food and drink, of course!


Made for Sharing


Everyone knows that snacks are the fuel for friendship. Eating together is a very human activity, and historically, once eating went beyond pure survival, it became a defining quality of different social groups. Sharing our food gives us a sense of community while helping us distinguish ourselves, and those close to us, from others.


Of course, communal eating is more about who we eat with, than what we eat, but here at WDS, we think what you eat is pretty important too. And when the chips are down, what good friends need are snacks, because snacks are the ultimate communal food. After all, where would a gathering of friends be without crisps? Nowhere, that’s where!


From bags to tubes, crisps are a pretty much universal snack that you can’t go wrong with. From more traditional flavours to the increasingly exotic, the crisp has a certain mass appeal. Because crisps rock, obviously.


What’s on Screen?


Friends go out together and friends stay in, socialising at home; the important thing is the shared experience and human contact. An established activity for friends to do is get together and watch a film, and increasingly, people are doing that in the comfort of their own living rooms. With better technology than ever before, offering professional quality audio and visual definition, on bigger and better televisions, for many of us, staying in really is the new going out.


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So what’s the perfect edible accompaniment to this home cinema experience? Popcorn of course!


Popcorn is arguably the Daddy amongst snacks, and it has evolved far beyond its humble beginnings. As both healthy and tasty, popcorn has cemented itself at the heart of the snack world and it can now satisfy even the more sophisticated palette, thanks to a whole range of savoury and sweet flavours.


And of course, along with popcorn, don’t neglect the nuts – these are a staple snack for many different occasions, not least sitting in front of a film. A word of caution though: they can get lost behind the sofa…or down your pants…


Be A Sport!


The other great friend-focused visual occasion is a sporting event. Brilliantly timed to coincide with International Friendship Day is the Hungarian Grand Prix, on this coming weekend, with coverage on television starting at 1pm.


This is the perfect get-together opportunity, and the ideal accompaniment will be – you’ve guessed it - snacks and drinks!


Here, why not encourage a little variety by supplying something a bit different from the usual cans of lager, maybe by giving any one of our wide selection of craft beers a go, so there’ll be something new for people to try. With beers from around the world, this is an ideal accompaniment to an international sporting event – you could even encourage people to match a national beer with their Formula One entrant of choice. Or you could just drink it…whatever takes your fancy!


A World of Activity


But don’t forget that sport doesn’t have to be limited to the small screen. Weather permitting, Friendship Day is an ideal excuse for friends to get outdoors and participate in a little gentle competition. Whether it’s 5-a-side football or cricket in the park, or something that takes people back to childhood such as rounders, sport is a great way of bringing people together.


Getting active is essential for younger kids too, so a badminton net in the back garden or a game of hide and seek in the park are great ways for groups of friends to come together and play. And whilst it doesn’t have to be too competitive, it will require refreshments all the same. Depending on your age and fitness levels (and we cast no aspersions here!) energy drinks may well be essential in this situation, although alternatives such as juices and bottled water could be just as good too.


And if it’s raining (which, let’s face it, it probably will be!) this might just be the perfect opportunity to take things indoors with board games such as monopoly or scrabble.


Hobbies in Common


Sometimes friends like to have a shared hobby or interest – it might be the thing that brought them together in the first place. What a shared interest does is give people a focal point for their friendship, and an impetus to get together. This is an important factor, because as people go on to lead busy daily lives, making time for friends can be a challenge.


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Plus, of course, whilst outdoor interests like cycling, hiking and rambling might be popular, they similarly require plentiful supplies of drinks and snacks! Again, energy drinks are ideal for an extra boost in the great outdoors, but soft drinks and even alcohol drinks might be just the thing you need to hit the spot.


Whatever you choose to do though, just get out there and do something for International Friendship Day. Put something on the calendar, encourage your friends to make contact, and – most of all - share some time together. Just make sure you have enough to eat and drink to keep things flowing.


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